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 My Initial Review of the new Tyros 5 on  20/11/2013

Well have been to Dawsons Demo at Altrincham today and seen Tyros 5 'in the flesh' . A big thank you to Chris at Dawsons for inviting me along.

The Demonstration was performed very ably by Richard Bower. Have known Richard for quite some years now and we spent over an hour when everyone else had gone discussing the new developments on T5. We even tested a couple of things out on the keyboard that I asked of him. More of that later.

This is certainly no incremental upgrade!

Equipment used: Tyros 5 76 for main Demo using Yamaha DXR12 Powered Monitors. Tyros 5 61 using the new Yamaha speaker set.  

Richard started off with a brief Organ World Demo to show the Rotary effects and ease of use whilst playing. Was very short and sweet as he did a more thorough Demo later on in his program. I thought the effects were extremely effective and realisitic. 

Next came the piano section. Always a bone of contention with the previous Tyros line. Richard started of with Concert Grand - of course  - and followed up with Pop Grand, Upright piano and Honky Tonk. To me they sounded great on the Yamaha DXR12 Speakers. Did not hear them on the 61 key with speakers.

Next on the list were the Audio styles. He started off with the Cool Jazz Club which had a very good blend of RH voices to match the style. It's a style that I would use a lot in my playing. Whilst playing styles at any time I took particular attention to the style to OTS balances and they all appeared to be much more balanced than on previous models.  Drums are great in the Audio styles but I thought them much more defined in all of the played styles.  

The new Right hand Chords and Left hand bass worked very well with pronounced Bass. Great for the pianists amongst us.

String section was one that I paid particular attention to as I just don't like the T4 Strings - Too harsh for me. I talked to Richard about this and he says that these have been reworked with new string samples added, a lovely example was the new 'Romantic Strings'. This is quite prevalent in a lot of style OTS's. On listening I thought this to be correct and more pleasing to the ear. 

Something that I was very interested in was the 'Ensemble section' and Richard went through this at length as it is a major new feature. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Yamaha have done a great job on this feature. Everything is as stated on the web. Play one fingered and you get one voice of a quartet, 2 keys and 2 separate instruments playin a corresponding note. Play 4 and you get a full harmonised Quartet, whether in Strings, Brass or other. A little trick here is that the keyboard can be 'fooled' into thinking that 4 fingers are down by simply pressing on the Harmony button. Try it with a Choir and it is stunning! Truly a useful feature on this keyboard.

Lots of new instruments and they all feature on the front page of each section. Flutes and Sax have now been logically merged into one section. This on other sections also but lost that one in my mind. So much to take in. The Guitars are so realistic and quite a few new ones sampled. The Hank Marvin Guitar [ShadowedGuitar] was like the real thing. Lots of other new Guitar samples also. The new Guitars have now been sampled through old Amps and as such they are very authentic sounds which can be altered on screen as you play to include effects, just like with a pedal. Incidentally the FC7 pedal can now be programmed to change effects such as 'Wah Wah' etc. 

Each and every style has been revamped to include the new DSP and Reverb effects and sounds. Have to say that every style sampled sounded bright and clear in Richard's capable hands. A style that impressed was the new 'Bond' style - perfect right hand voices.

Organ flutes are now replaced with Organ World which comprises of Vintage, Home [Tabs], Euro, Concert and Theatre. All were very ably demonstrated and nothing too harsh as organs can be. The Theatre Organ sample was created from direct sampling with an original Wurlitzer Organ but not Blackpool Tower.

The Audio Recorder has been simplified to use and slghtly different in that it records directly to Simple audio and when done then asks do you wish to convert to multi.. Much simpler operation..

Some questions I asked on the Audio side of things:

Are new expansion packs in the pipeline. The answer at the moment is 'No' however you can download new versions for T5 of existing software as long a you still have login details.. The transfers will now apparently be transferred via wireless and a dongle is to be provided for this task. Seems like both pc and mac will be catered for.

Can we now play audio wav or mp3 directly from usb? Yes we can. Just assign it to a multipad. 

Do we need a Memory module to do this?  No.

Can we record Audio styles directly to Audio Recorder and HD. Yes

Can Audio styles be copied to User/HD? We tried this and copied to User but could not be copied to HD. We also went into style recorder and there is a new button to turn Audio on/off. But not sure what this would achieve as the new style eIther way could not be saved to HD . USER only.

Balance between style and OTS better balanced? Imho they appear to be much better from the Demo.

Lan port? No. Wireless is to be used and software  from pc or Mac. That is my understanding from what Richard said. 

User area is still 6mb in size so unchanged from T4.

My honest opinion for whatever it is worth. I loved the Demonstration and to be totally honest I couldn't find anything that I disliked about it. Then again Richard is one of the best Demonstrators in the world. I can't wait to actually get my hands on one. I did not have the time to actually play one ( too much yakking with Richard) but the 61 key was played very ably from one of the audience through it's new speaker set and it sounded very good and full sounds. 

Hope you find my Review helpful and informative.

Official Launch of the latest Tyros 5 11/11/2013.  Yamaha Site HERE

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